What We Do

OSAquatics predominantly focus on the breeding of rare or difficult to spawn and challenging to raise species; and we endeavour to fix the processes involved for future reference. All reproduction is done naturalistically using non-invasive, non-hormonal techniques. Livestock is kept in optimum conditions specific to each species. Excess stock is sold to local wholesale aquatic outlets in order to minimise the carbon footprint of our output.

We also produce natural history films of the breeding strategies of the animals and of other interesting behaviours we observe. These films made using cinema/television quality camera equipment and, where appropriate high-quality microscope imaging. These films will be listed on the website when available for purchase.

OSAquatics is also engaged with global aquatic species conservation efforts through links with international organizations, charities and educational programmes. We are keen to raise awareness of the environmental issues associated with the aquatic hobby trade and promote sustainable solutions.

OSAquatics is licenced in accordance with UK legislation.

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