Here at OSAquatics we predominantly focus on the breeding of rare or difficult to spawn, and challenging to raise aquatic species.

Why we do it

We endeavour to fix the processes involved for future reference.

How we do it

All reproduction is done naturalistically using non-invasive, non-hormonal techniques.

Livestock is kept in optimum conditions specific to each species.

By keeping our animals happy and with constant observation and practising superb attention to detail, our chargers reward us with breeding and raising their own offspring.

What else?

We also produce natural history films of the breeding strategies of the animals and of other interesting behaviours we observe. These films are made using cinema/television quality camera equipment.


OSAquatics is also engaged with global aquatic species conservation efforts through links with international organizations, charities and educational programmes.

We are keen to raise awareness of the environmental issues associated with the aquatic hobby trade and promote sustainable solutions.

Like to know more?

Please use the contact form and we’ll get straight back to!

We are happy to discuss bespoke filming projects, the selling of eggs or adults, the breeding of specific species… fact any aquatic questions you may have….we are always up for new ventures!

Other Stuff

OSAquatics is licenced in accordance with UK legislation.
Animal Activity Licence No: 21/01181/ANIWEL
Aquaculture Production Business (APB)
Authorisation Number: EW050-V-851A

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