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Tim is a well-known face within the aquatic community, as he has been involved in Public Aquariums, Retail, Wholesale and Importation of aquatic species. His reputation for breeding difficult species is well founded, and his article writings on all things fishy has been a source of reliable information over several decades. Indeed, Tim started keeping fish at the age of ten, and now in his fiftyish year, he has 40 years non-stop experience of aquatics.

He started OSAquatics over ten years ago, and in it’s current form, consists of 120 tanks dedicated solely to captive breeding. He is actively involved in aquatic conservation programmes, species survival programmes and aquatic charities, both here in the UK and overseas.


Partner OSAquatics

Barbara’s doctoral studies focussed on the biological and chemical processes occurring in the aquatic environment relating to the remediation of contaminated land. This knowledge has proved useful coming to the domestic aquatic field and, working closely with Tim, she has gained an in-depth understanding of the subject over the last fourteen years.

Barbara working under supervision!


OSAquatics is a family-run business and Tim’s son Sam is now becoming more involved with the day-to-day running of the fish house. Livestock welfare has always been the priority in OSAquatics operations and Sam supports Tim in maintaining these high standards.

Another hard day at work for Sam!